B G H Gallery

 Voice of the Path: Psychological Landscapes


February 14, 2004 - March 14, 2004

I am a fourth generation Californian, born on the cusp of the New World in El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Parciuncula (also called Los Angeles). Currently I divide my time between living in New Orleans and the coastal jungle of Mexico. These pictures are painted there in the daytime, under the sky and trees, in the open air at the edge of the sea.

I think of them as religious paintings. The subject matter is elementary, the basics – Earth, water, fire, air, squares, triangles, circles, moments, energy, in various stages of assembly into those primary concerns: House, sky, tree, sun, moon.

Some of these pictures may look back at you with an invitation/reminder to open your eyes and part the curtains, and remember who is looking at who.

The intoxicating nature of color makes a sensual pursuit of the attempt to depict the spontaneous symphony of atoms rushing to their appointments, caught in the act of forming a psycho landscape of perk and peril, a raveling ball of terror and treasure. Cupped in color and nestled in high velocity neighborhoods, currents and cross currants of energy, bound to their certain frequencies, meet at the intersection of motion and emotion where formerly unseen possibilities are taking shape.






Artist Profile - Christopher Moses

This is a short video from my exhibition at the BGH gallery in Los Angeles. California