Abstract Art uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create. Also indicates a departure from reality.


All paintings are for sale and available as photography images. 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 and 16 x 20 prints in the STORE

  • Cleanse the Horrible Darkness of our Minds
  • Ghost Hills
  • Ho
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Lifeboat
  • Popeye's Dream
  • Sex in the Sea
  • Sundown Creek tiff
  • Terrorist
  • Valse Plasma
  • Hiding
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Phase Resonance
  • Twilight Bone
  • Afternoon Juju
  • Alternate Routes
  • Dark Angel
  • Divine Tempest
  • Elements
  • Moth Impressions
  • Sacred Schematic Moth
  • Summer Jungle Dream
  • Z Zero


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