American Visionary Art Museum

Holy H2O - Fluid Universe

┬áBy: Christopher Moses-   

October 2005 - October 200  - 

Holy H2O explores water's many essential roles in life - from rivers to vapor to amniotic fluid to tears. Christopher Moses' piece entitled "At the Vortex" is just one example of how AVAM's year-long exhibit will express the fluid, ever-changing nature of our world.
- Stephanie Silver, Baltimore Magazine October 2004

Visions of Water: Outsider Art and H2O
From the automata of Carlos Zapata to the surreal and lovely paintings of Christopher Moses, there's a lot of amazing work on display.
- Jesse Walker

Water, water all around at AVAM
The mermaid theme is taken up by Christopher Moses, whose fanciful painted depictions of the alluring female sea creatures are one of the highlights of the show.
- Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, Md.

Los Angeles born Christopher Moses' twisted, Disneyesque, cartoon sea creatures may strike you initially as having only the most tenuous connection to the notion of a "Fluid Universe." That's probably because asking "where is the water?" is asking the wrong question to begin with. "Where isn't it?" the show seems to say.
- Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post

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