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American Visionary Art Museum
Los Angeles
High on Life Holy H20
American Visionary Art Museum PRESENTS
The Real and the Surreal in the Work of Christopher Moses
The Marriage of Art,
Science and Philosophy

October 2008 - September 2009
A Group Show
Curated by Rebecca Hoffberger
Featuring three works by

The Search
Z - Zero
800 Key Highway
Baltimore, MD

A child of postwar Southern California, Chris Moses began at an early age to pursue a form of expression which was true to his view of the world.

He was born with an eye condition which left him cursed with the gift of double vision, a state which only heightened his keen awareness of the dynamism of the natural and physical worlds. Moses describes as a turning point in his young life the instant in which a bird flew in front of him on an otherwise lackluster afternoon.

From that moment, by his own admission, he was never bored again. The world around him, vibrant with forces seen and unseen, had only just begun to offer itself up to his unrelenting examination.